What Questions To Ask Before Purchasing An Aquatic Snail.

Purchasing any Aquatic Snail should not be made lightly. Not all aquatic snails will fit into the environment you are currently able to provide them with. Changes to your aquarium may need to be made based on the snail you want.

Not every snail you find for sale will be coming from an in-home breeder, some will be coming from a whole-seller. The snails shells will often be drastically different in comparison. In home breeders tend to follow the proper water conditions and diet needed for a snail and their shells to thrive. While whole-sellers focus more on quantity over quality.

What questions before committing to a purchase:

  • DOA & Lost/Damaged Package Policy
  • Shells Condition (Pitting, Shell Erosion, Growth Lines, Cleft Shells, Etc)
  • Color Morphs Available
  • Pricing individual & Group Deals
  • Acclimation Steps
  • Snails Regular Daily Diet
  • Snails Current Water Parameters
  • Price For Snails
  • Price For Shipping/ Over night or Next Day
  • Shipping Carrier They Use
  • Shipping Methods – Are Heat Pack/ Cold Pack Being Used When Needed
  • What Days Do They Ship On

Here’s a video from Kim’s Cozy Corner as an example of how Mystery Snails should be packaged & shipped. Click on this link to view more videos by Kim’s Cozy Corners.

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