About The Founders

Annette Founder Of
Mystery Snail Guardians

How Did Our Community Start

A question we get asked a lot, how did it all get started. Well I went on a small vacation with my husband. When I can home my mother Dedie had bought a Mystery Snail for my son Levi’s Fancy Goldfish tank. At this point we knew nothing about Mystery Snail and the care they required, so we dove deep into articles, case studies, and anything we could find about the care requirements and environment needed for Mystery Snail. However there was a lot of general care guidelines but nothing that went into specific details on what you need for them to thrive only what you could do to keep them alive. We then joined a bunch of Facebook groups with a lot of experienced breeders and gained a huge amount of 1st hand accounts and started breeding ourselves. Levi had never been so curious, so he immersed himself into all thing Mystery Snail at home. He maintained his tanks himself, makes snello at home using MSG snello premix from Crayfish Empire LLC, even created his own method to hatch clutches (the hammock method). Levi studied and read so much to guarantee this snails would live their best possible life with him. Once he was able to achieve what we believes is the best possible environment for a Mystery Snail to thrive in vs just surviving we deceived to open up his blog page Mystery Snail Guardians on Facebook. Our goal was to help spread all the knowledge we gathered to help other reach the same goals we have. After gaining a group of wonderful followers we were encouraged to open up a Group to help an even larger population. It did not take long for our group Mystery Snail Guardians to spread within the aquatic community. Our group is all about bringing our members together and helping Mystery Snails Thrive! We are just getting started and have so many more fun and exciting things coming for 2024! So join & follow us now, prepare yourselves for an experience that no other aquatic snail group or page will be able to duplicate.
Sincerely, Annette

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