Ideal Environment

Just Like Fish, Mystery Snails Have Specific Environmental Needs To Thrive

Here Are 2 Things That Are Often Over Looked, But Have A Huge Effect On Mystery Snails

PH Level

Aquatic snails require higher than normal PH levels to insure the shells do not erode. 7.8-8.5 is best to avoid shell erosion from soft water. Shell erosion can not be healed, so maintaining a high stable PH is crucial to prevent the shell from deteriorating. Yes Mystery Snail can survive in lower PH levels, however their shells will erode and the snails lifespan with be drastically shorten as a result.

Different Ways To Raise PH

Crushed Coral Or Oyster Shells


Calcium Carbonate Slow Dissolving Blocks

AquVitro 8.4 (Snail Only Tank)


Mystery Snails can survive in a wide range of temperatures from 68-84 Fahrenheit. However different temperatures will have different results. A steady temperature is best to avoid stress or growth lines from environmental changes. You was to keep the temperature staple to prevent fluctuations. Your Mystery Snails will likely develop a growth-line from the moment they enter your tank, if they are not home breed.

  • 68-72 – Best for promoting thick shells and slower growth rate. Recommend temperature for newly hatched mystery snail until they are pea sized. Often adult mystery snails will be less active and less likely to breed/lay clutches at this temperature.
  • 73-75 – Ideal temperature, mystery snails will still be active but still able to focus on the shells thickness rather than length.
  • 76-84 – This is breeding & laying clutch temperature. Mystery Snails will be extremely active, which means a lot of mating. However, this temperature will also promote a fast shell growth rate leading to thinner and more brittle shells.
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