MSG 2021 Sponsors Spotlight

Here is a list of our Mystery Snail Guardians Sponsors. Our sponsors range from aquatic businesses, digital creators, crafts and creations, and so much more.

Code GUARDIANS With Get You A Percentage Off Your Order.

Crayfish Empire LLC
“Specializing in invert health and live foods, so you don’t have to.”

Snail Tales
“Variety of snail specific foods that work together as a routine diet for a happy snail and healthy shell!

Rabbit Snail Nerd
Specializing in unique snails and other community friendly aquatic creatures.”

Windy City Aquariums
“We have quality plants that wont break the bank.”

Your one stop shop for new beautiful tank bred snails, nutritious well rounded foods to care for them, one of a kind handmade aquatic gifts, and down home hospitality.”

Sea Jay’s Aquatics
High quality aquarium supplies at a low price.”

Savage Fish Shack
“Live foods for all your fish, from fry to monsters!”

JBS Aquatics
“Import and breed rare freshwater invertebrates with a main focus in crabs and crayfish.”

To Be Announced Later

To Be Announced Later

To Be Announced Later

We are now accepting applications for NEW 2021 MSG Sponsors.

If your business would like to be considered email with the subject title MSG 2021 Sponsor Application.

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