Find Aquatic Snails Near You

Color Guide

Red – Non Aquatic Related Businesses

Purple – Aquatic Mystery Snails & Inquires

Yellow – Mystery Snail Guardians Sponsors

Green – Aquatic Businesses

Blue – Individual Seller

This Map Was Created By Us For Your Benefit

Our interactive map just includes a small portion of the community that have aquatic snails available. Some are businesses and some are everyday people that have an over abundance of snails that need re-homing. Not all will be willing to ship some will only do local pickup. Not everyone on this map will have Mystery Snail, some with have other types of aquatic snail available.

You will also find some Non Aquatic Businesses shown on the map in red. They are our groups sponsors that provide a variety of snail specific products. For example; decals, stickers, jewelry, digital art, knick knacks, and some much more.

If you are interest in being considered to be added to this map send us a message at Please answers the following questions:
  • 1 Picture to showcase what you have available
  • Location (City, State, Country)
  • Shipping, Local Pickup, Or Both
  • Link to any/all platforms you sell on or FB profile link
To be removed send us an email with your name/business saying (Remove From Map)
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